Washington Ranks Highest For Happiness


WASHINGTON Ranks Highest For Happiness In Large Metro Cities… Where is Spring?

Here in the Nation\’s Capitol, the birds are chirping madly, the Cherry trees are just in bloom,  … but where is the sunshine, where is the lovely softness in the air that signals spring!!??  We are shivering, still bundled up, gray skies, the heat is still on, we are waiting to break out our spring fashions.

However,  the cold air has not stopped the Spring Real Estate Market, it is underway and in full swing.  Since the bottom was reached last year, and the Stock Market has been roaring ahead with no double dip in sight,  our DC market has been busy for the last six weeks; it feels like we have evened out, not really a buyer or sellers market… I am calling it the See-Saw Market.  Inventory is in short supply, the \”deals\” that buyers seek are rare  multiple offers are back, really good houses are going for near the asking price provided sellers are realistic about their initial pricing. The high end of the market has been quite active with major sales closing in the last three months,  while the $1.4 to $2.5 mid range is sluggish.  At this price point, buyers seem to pull the trigger only after there is interest on a house.  That strange psychology results in possibility for buyers to overpay in an auction rather than stepping up to a good deal.

Washington seems to be ground zero for many young college grads, so entry level apartments, and reasonable rentals are few, very hard to find.  Lots of parents have been calling me to secure a first home for their kids coming to town.   They are also calling in hopes that the same apartment can double as their pied a terre once they decide to move closer in.  Our market is fueled mainly by locals, and not the influx of new appointees.

I currently have a fantastic house for sale in the Palisades which is featured below.   There are some wonderful things coming on  in the next few weeks, so call for more info.


As you know, I am very bullish on Washington DC as a place to live, both for value and quality of life.  This article \”DC Locals Happiest of Big City Dwellers\” caught my attention, supporting my thesis.  It turns out Washingtonians rank #1 among Happiest City Dwellers in the United States.  Gallup takes many statistics into account, however it made me glad to be a resident of Washington, and grateful of all our city has to offer.  One of the greatest attributes of a happy city has to do with the walk-ability of a city, how residents relate to the streets, parks, and recreational opportunities.  Please check the side bar for my suggestions on fun things to do and see this spring in Washington, to boost your own happiness.

The Case Shiller index still shows Washington as the one metro market that is growing in value, while the rest of the nation is stagnate at best.  We are so fortunate to be blessed with a vibrant real estate market.

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