Local DC Collectors Find Perfect Home for Their Art Collection

In the March 2014 issue of Home and Design, my clients renovated house is featured on the cover. I was their agent for the sale of their waterfront home near Annapolis (see blog post 2011 on highest price paid in Anne Arundel county) Their desire was to come closer into town and find a home that was suitable for their art collection; however this was a challenge with large custom pieces that had been curated in their previous home. They actually went to contract on a home in Bethesda yet quickly realized it was wrong for them, so we got out of that deal, and continued our search. They asked for large $3M+ homes in Kalorama and Georgetown. However I had seen a property for well under $2M on three acres near Potomac that I felt could be the perfect footprint, giving them all the benefits of their previous home without the upkeep they had on the water.

As we looked at a number of homes, I kept sending this modern one story listing, only to be told \” no that really is not for us\”. We even got to drive by and walk around, my clients said, the property is lovely but we don\’t think we will like the inside. However, a few weeks later they did agree to let me show them the inside, I suggested they speak to Lila Fendrick about the landscaping and helped them locate BOWA after due diligence with other contractors. They saw the potential, loved the price and we quickly went to contract.

On the day of the closing, the husband who had great vision said, \”we love this house, but we still can\’t imagine what to do with the center room\”. And I replied,\” Well I always imagined this would be your primary art gallery viewable from all of the other rooms. It will have 2-4 chairs and the Calder mobile hanging from the middle.\” It was this Eureka moment that made everyone feel uplifted, and the renovation proceeded with that plan in mind.

Enjoy these stunning photographs as they have done a superb job. I love aspect of my job; thinking creatively out of the box to help you find your sense of place.

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