Embassies Need Extra Direction To Navigate Washington D.C. Real Estate Market

It was a great privilege  to read the September 2013 issue of  Washington Diplomat.  The story is about how diplomatic countries have particular needs, and featured my work with the Kazakhstan Embassy who I advised on their purchase of  a new Embassy residence for their Ambassador. I am most proud of this deal as I secured a three-year rental lease linked to a purchase contract where a portion of the rent was deducted from the purchase price. It gave the Treasury time to secure the funds, and allowed the current Ambassador to enjoy the house.  The sale closed in January 2013.    

\”When the Embassy of Kazakhstan wanted to buy a new residence for the ambassador, the buyers decided on a three-story $5.5 million neoclassical home in Northwest, near Embassy Row and the vice president\’s mansion. The large entertaining space fit their wish list, but the process of finding it took close to five years and lots of close work with a local realtor.

Working with a real estate agent is crucial for diplomatic property deals, said Connie Carter, a top realtor at Washington Fine Properties and the one who worked with former Ambassador Erlan Idrissov to find the new residence at 2910 Edgevale Terrace, NW. (Idrissov is now Kazakhstan\’s foreign minister, and Kairat Umarov has been the country\’s ambassador to the United States since January of this year.) Carter said there are three main issues for any country shopping for property.\” ( Source: WashDipolomat.com)

Read the full story here written by Stephanie Kanowitz


They chose that house [on Edgevale] because it was the right amount of entertaining space and personal living space that they imagined any ambassador would need coming from their country. The house represented them well both in tone and substance. It wasn\’t over the top, but it was certainly gracious enough to welcome their guests. Typically that is what a country is after: What is the right balance of what they need in terms of the work they\’re doing in this country?

They are looking for gracious room sizes in the living room and the dining room, and typically a library or den. Many countries care about outdoor space, but they may or may not want a lot of gardening work. They\’re looking for privacy, they\’re looking for proximity to their office, and some are more concerned about security than others.

It\’s really important to have an agent who works really well culturally and has a level of trust and respect with their country. I feel so honored to have worked with Ambassador Idrissov and have had the kind of working relationship I had with him. I really do think we got a great result. I felt so proud for them. They bought a very pretty house.

I wish to help more Embassy in Washington DC to find their next residence that will serve their countries well.